Dr. Made Sumatra Indonesia
We have been working with Magnus for almost 8 years and it was a very rewarding and satisfying experience. Magnus microscopes are very well accepted in our country and therefore, we have many satisfied end-users.
Dr. Aye ChanMyanmar
Magnus brand name has gained its reputation very fast in Myanmar thanks to the quality of products and service provided. It has become a preferred choice in our country’s rapidly growing educational segment.
Dr. Jeevan Prakash AgarwalNepal
Magnus team was very helpful and provided us with very good support to gain successful acceptance in all the major public institutions of Nepal. We are highly motivated to repeat the success story with upcoming new models.
Alireza Tamjidzad Iran
It was wonderful working with Magnus. We are happy with sales & service support provided by Magnus team. The training provided by Magnus at its manufacturing premises was very helpful in dealing with customers.